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Is it ok if I don’t care if I’m destroying the Earth?

Just my opinion

And that I’m tired of everyone telling me how NOT to?  OK, my title of this entry is a little provocative but seriously, SHUT UP ALREADY ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING.  The new religion, Going Green, complete with it’s own messiah, Al Gore, is shoved down my throat at every turn.  Eco friendly, carbon footprint, biodegradable, recycled, recyclable, carbon emissions, hybrid cars, reduce, recover, reuse, REGURGITATE!  I am not so heartless to actually want to destroy my “Mother” Earth but just do not see myself, or the human race, as that big of threat to this extremely resilient planet.  One that has been going through periods of cooling down and heating up since it’s conception.  I think we are so unimportant, in fact, that if Earth wanted to, it could simply shake us off it’s back like little, bothersome fleas.  Since the inception of measuring and tracking temperatures we see that “Global Warming” occurred even before the invention of the dreaded Excursion or (gasp) disposable diapers. 

Scientist, real degree-holding, lab-testing, highly intelligent scientist have debunked Al Gore’s theory of global warming being man-made but it is like a scene out of the Twilight Zone.  People are believing the guy who thinks he inveneted the internet over these men and women. 

So, yes I’m tired of being made to feel guilty when I want to buy the $2 PLASTIC bucket and pail at Wal-Mart instead of the highly overpriced ones like those found here.  I LIKE plastic bags to carry my groceries in; they are easier to carry up stairs plus I reuse them as doggy poop bags or small trash bag for the bathroom (I guess that’s where I do my part – reusing).  I prefer a large, safer-in-a-crash SUV to a tiny, rediculous looking,  “Don’t you feel guilty?” Prius.  I like to leave lights on in my house – it’s easier to see that way.  I let the water run for a while when I want a glass of COLD water.  In protest my family goes out to mow the lawn and fill my gas tank when we have an “ozone warning” (what a farse).  What a joy I get out of saving money and shopping at big box stores rather than a pretinsious, over-priced, and totally gronola Whole Foods.  Is that ok?

I am just waiting with baited breath for the time when the pubic gets the shocker that, “Oops sorry, we were wrong.  This ever-changing planet just goes through this cycles of warming up and cooling down.  Turns out we are not as all-important as we thought we were and the actual SCIENTIEST are right.”  The fall of the new religion…..I will be there to say, “HA!” 

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