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90210 and NKOTB return? Why God, Why?!

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Think back to a simpler time.  The year: 1992.  The fashion: banana clips, Adidias work out pants that make noise with every step, over-all’s with one buckle undone, and Thermonuclear T-shirts worn with another shirt under it so you can roll the sleeves up and show that flashy under shirt (layering in it’s infancy).  I am 13 years old.  Carrying a (backpack) purse for the first time but usually only for a week a month.  Slumber parties are my idea of a good time and Boyz II Men are on the radio constantly singing about “Making Love to You.”  I own (and wear as often as possible) a blue jean jacket covered with buttons and other decor.  But, not just any buttons – New Kids On The Block buttons.  I even had New Kids on the Block earrings (I can’t abbreviate and say NKOTB yet because that came later).  The method of styling my hair consisted of 3 steps:

1.) Blow dry my hair strait up on the side of my head.

2.) While the dryer is still blowing, spray hair spray (Aqua Net) to the area where the “volume” is wanted.  This usually created a “head out the window look.”

3.)  Use a curling iron on the tips to curl them back.

Man, was I cool.  I was down with OPP.  Those were simpler, awkward and confusing times.

Every Thursday night I would look forward to a new episode of my favorite show to air.  I would call my best friend, Elizabeth, on the phone and we would “watch” it together.  Each of us in our respective bedrooms, laying on our stomachs, phone to ear, legs kicking behind our heads.  Beverly Hills 90210 BABY!  We gasped when Kelly kissed Dylan – “That’s Brenda’s man you backstabbing bitch!”  We agreed that Andrea Zuckerman was by far the most uncool person at West Beverly High and in real life the actor that played her had to be old… 30.  We drooled over Brandon (my favorite), Dylan and Steve (her favorite).  Man we loved that show.  I was the perfect age to be one of the legions of young people who are the direct reason why 90210 became the huge hit it was.

I understand it probably was not as good of a program as my nostalgia makes me think it was.  I’m sure the plots were hollow, the drama so predictable and the actors sub-par.  However, to a 13 year old girl like me, it was the best show on television.

You would think with the fond memories I have of 90210 I would have a better reaction to the “New Beverly Hills 90210″ series that debuted it’s 2 hour premier episode on Tuesday.  They are dropping the “Beverly Hills” part and just calling the series 90210.  I’ve read some reviews of it that were far from flattering but as someone how did not see it, I cannot honestly comment on the quality of the actors, the writers, or the story lines.  But I’ve read reviews about how the characters are exactly like the “retro” cast.  Even down to the new kids (brother and sister) who move into town and are the “good” kids who were not raised around the glamor and lifestyle that is Beverly Hills.  Nat is still minding the bar at The Peach Pit.  Kelly (Jenny Garth) and Brenda (Shannon Daughtery) are said to make appearances on a semi-regular basis.  Even the intro music is eerily similar.

See for yourself:  [youtube=]

Just the first several riffs on that guitar and I am magically transformed into a self-conscious teenager wondering what “masterVation” is and living off of cheese.  This isn’t a good thing!

And then to top all this off, the very same day I learn of the resurrection of 90210, I turn on Good Morning America and who is on the stage performing?  Joe, John, Danny, Jordan and Donnie.  New kids on the Freaking Block?  Or should I say “Old Dudes who have been around the block, made a lot of money and should fade off into the sunset?”  I just stood in the middle of the living room staring in disbelief and uttering under my breath, “What the fuuuuuudge?” (my new kids who repeat everything were in the room).  Seems they are returning to the recording studio and touring together as a group for the first time in 15 years.  Last I saw of John Knight he was on Maury Povich talking about his debilitating social phobia and stage fright.  After his huge stardom with NKOTB he became a recluse who stayed in his home afraid of people staring at him.  He was a ball of nerves and sweat on the stage that day.  Jordan was on this particular show as well saying he too had suffered from this phobia but not in as serious of a form as his brother, John.  They have obviously learned to deal with it and moved on.  Good for them.  Bad for us.  Donnie Walburg is now a very respected actor but he’s heading up this venture as the writer and producer of their new album.  It’s all very surreal.  I loved them.  I wanted to marry them.  They were IT.  My brothers would tell me about how in 5 years they would be gone and I would feel silly for ever having listened to their songs, plastering my bedroom walls with their faces, and wearing their junk on my person.  Boy, I hated it when I realized they were right.

I just don’t know what to make of all of this.  What’s next?  Marky Mark pulling down the ol’ britches and reuniting with the Funky Bunch?  I refuse to tight roll my pants ever again.  I’m just saying….


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