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As if I needed another reason to NOT do housework

Random Stuff

To the right of this blog you will see a list of blogs I read (when I should be doing laundry).  Of those blogs one of my absolute favorites is  The chick (Heather Armstrong) is just a comedic genius.  I honestly do “LOL” every time I read her blog.  I only wish I could have a smidgen of her writing ability along with the events in life that lend themselves to a good story.  Maybe she is just better able to spot those blog-worthy moments in her life.  Another talent I seem to lack.

Something else that Heather has started is a cool, collaborative work with other Mom bloggers at something called Momversations.  As a slice of moms from all over this big, weird country they create such a quirky, sort of nutty and completely entertaining show.  They talk about relevant topics from baby weight, to celebrity news, sex after baby, and of course their vagina’s.  (Most women who have pushed an eight pound slimy being out of their who-ha in front of a doctor, 2 nurses, her husband, mom, sister, 4 friends, and 2 cousins see this as a not-so-taboo topic.  It becomes community property and thus a valid topic for discussion.)  The short shows reminds me of what me and my girlfriends talk about when we are refereeing our play dates.  These girls are just a lot wittier and quicker on their toes than we are (but they have the opportunity of multiple takes!)

The ladies on this “vlog” (or video blog.  What would you call it?) are truly the clique at the cool kid table in the cafeteria.  You sit with your friends eating your mystery meat just trying to read their lips so you can get the scoop on what is happening.  Then you go back to class and tell your neighbor “Guess what?!  Natalie is getting ready to dump Josh” with cool confidence like it is first hand knowledge.  They are the awesome few who go to Blog Her and people actually know who they are and know their blogs.  If I ever got the opportunity to go to Blog Her it will only be as a star-struck onlooker just hoping to find some niche in which I could plug myself into become a “sorta known” blogger.  But, since I will never go, I will have to settle as a hobbyist who has less page views than

Just go and check it out.  Especially if you are a Mom with sleep deprivation, a weight problem, and a sick sense of humor like myself.

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new look to the blog

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So, being as I don’t have enough to do with raising a 2.5 and 1.5 year old child, going to the gym every day, keeping my house in order, etc etc etc I thought, “Hey, it would be fun to try my hand at CSS (cascading style sheets – Google it) and construct my own blog theme?”  Two days into this and I am starting to think this may have been a bit overzealous on my part.  I have found a theme I mostly like but would like to tweak a few things.  Easy enough, I thought.  Hard work is done for me, I say.  Good God, it took me an hour to move the little “contact” envelope to the left and the “subscribe” to the right so they could be seen and not hidden in the banner.  I have to admit, the sense of accomplishment I felt once I did, was great.  I shouted across the room, “Yes!  I rule!”  Spooking my husband who was lost in his own Internet obsession.

Now there are only a few things I’m looking to change.  But, they can come later and if they never do, so be it.  I just wanted to get back to the real fun of blogging and that’s actually blogging.  Several new developments have happened in my little boring life but I’ll save those for a later post.  Nothing earth shattering but it has altered my life a bit.

Stay tuned and let me know what you think of the new digs!


Preachers love “The Office”

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Just an observation.  I have the privilege to be friends with several hip and tech savvy preachers.  They have Facebook accounts which also means they update their status and profile picture.  I’ve noticed, as did Jim, they love not only the sitcom “The Office” but more specifically the character Dwight Schrute.  I too am a fan of the funniest, non-animated show on television staring the hilarious Steve Carell  .  But, it seems to be a bit of an obsession with these guys.  It’s hilariously entertaining!  Anyone else make these same observations?  Just curious if this is a geographical thing or a theological thing.

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Birthday Bitch

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That’s me and I wear that crown proudly.  Last night I celebrated my 30th birthday with 30 of my closest friends.  The pre-party was a local (and yummy) Mexican restaurant.  I got some pretty risque gifts like “Stripper Pills – release your inner pole dancer” and “Glow in the Dark Lubricant.”  Practical gifts like hand sanitizer and Tide To Go Pen.  There were “grown up” presents like a cute pair of angels from my friend Tess and my Mom got me fleece sheets (ahhhhhh).   And a silly gift that was used all night: a shiny pink and silver crown that read, “Birthday Bitch.”   (thanks Joanna!!)  Yes, I wore it the entire night.

I think the gifts I received are what I am and who I have become over the past 30 years.  I’m lighthearted and love to laugh.  I tend to enjoy the between the sheets athletics with my husband.  I am practical and have grown up.  But, not to the detriment of just relaxing and having a good time.  In my last post I spoke about how I didn’t want to take things or myself too seriously when I turned 30 like it seemed so many I knew had done.  I hope I managed to walk that fine line between being a responsible, bill paying, mother and wife and a fun-loving, social drinking, always laughing, woman who loves life and those she chooses to share it with.

I had such a wonderful time last night.  The perfect way to spend my 30th birthday and I thank my Mr. Tolerable for throwing me a wonderful party.  The friends, wine, karaoke and chicken wings were all fantastic and you are the love of my life now at 30 and forevermore.

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Let’s lighten things up a bit, shall we?

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People who know me, know I am a goofball.  But from time to time I like to get serious. The last two blog posts were my serious side…now I’d like to get back to the goof side.  It’s a lot more fun.

My goal this year is to buy ALL my Christmas gifts online or through a catalog.  I wish I could say it was because I want to avoid the big crowds at the stores. But, in all honesty, I just LOVE getting packages delivered to me.  When the UPS, DHL or FedEx truck goes by and doesn’t stop at my door, I feel a level of sadness I’m sure  is unhealthy for an adult to have over something so trivial.  And when I hear the screech of the breaks on that big brown truck I rush down the stairs like I am meeting a long lost relative.  The mixed feelings I have when I have missed the truck and have a package on my porch are, I’m sure, certifiable.  It just does not bring the rush that having a packaged handed to me from the guy in the ugly brown shorts affords.

Just yesterday my friend, Ben, from the UPS truck made a stop at my home to deliver a LARGE box. I knew instantly what it was.  My baby girl’s Christmas present.  I found a large lot on ebay that I could not pass up. There is not a little girl I know who would not love to get this:

Big Lot of Fisher Price Sweet Streets Buildings, People and accessories

Big Lot of Fisher Price Sweet Streets Buildings, People and accessories

I am pretty confident that I am compensating for my childhood dreams of having an elaborate dollhouse with all the perfect furniture and rugs.  I had a great childhood but there were two things I never got that I always wanted: a dollhouse and tap/ballet lessons.  I cannot wait until Christmas arrives and she walks down the hallway and sees this miniature city waiting for her little hands to manipulate.  I only wish Santa would not get all the glory but that is the selfish side of me rearing it’s ugly head.

Next year?  Dance classes…


Going to be away for a bit

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Although in my heart I will still be

Writing nonsense

I won’t be able to put them down on paper

Or a screen.

Plan to return from a family trip

Full of stories.

In the meantime remember me like this

Here but not quite.

Here but not quite.

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I want to see what the (Vice) President (candidate) sees.

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How many of you out there caught the Republican National Convention and saw the speech that Sarah Palin gave as she accepted the nomination as the candidate for the Vice President for the United States?  Evidently 21.5 million of you did.  Did anyone else have this conversation with their husband in response to it?

Me:  I need new glasses.  I guess I’ll set up an appointment tomorrow morning.

Hubby: Huph

Me:  Think I would look good in glasses like Sarah Palin’s?

Hubby:  I thought they were pretty hot.

Me:  Wonder what kind they are.

Hubby:  Wonder how many other women in America are asking that same question.

Then the next day we see this article.  I guess I’m not the only one wanting to look hot AND be taken seriously in glasses.  Something I think Palin pulls of with her look.  Think I, too, could pull it off.?  Not that it matters as I’m not about to drop $400 on frames alone.  Just a hypothetical question really.


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90210 and NKOTB return? Why God, Why?!

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Think back to a simpler time.  The year: 1992.  The fashion: banana clips, Adidias work out pants that make noise with every step, over-all’s with one buckle undone, and Thermonuclear T-shirts worn with another shirt under it so you can roll the sleeves up and show that flashy under shirt (layering in it’s infancy).  I am 13 years old.  Carrying a (backpack) purse for the first time but usually only for a week a month.  Slumber parties are my idea of a good time and Boyz II Men are on the radio constantly singing about “Making Love to You.”  I own (and wear as often as possible) a blue jean jacket covered with buttons and other decor.  But, not just any buttons – New Kids On The Block buttons.  I even had New Kids on the Block earrings (I can’t abbreviate and say NKOTB yet because that came later).  The method of styling my hair consisted of 3 steps:

1.) Blow dry my hair strait up on the side of my head.

2.) While the dryer is still blowing, spray hair spray (Aqua Net) to the area where the “volume” is wanted.  This usually created a “head out the window look.”

3.)  Use a curling iron on the tips to curl them back.

Man, was I cool.  I was down with OPP.  Those were simpler, awkward and confusing times.

Every Thursday night I would look forward to a new episode of my favorite show to air.  I would call my best friend, Elizabeth, on the phone and we would “watch” it together.  Each of us in our respective bedrooms, laying on our stomachs, phone to ear, legs kicking behind our heads.  Beverly Hills 90210 BABY!  We gasped when Kelly kissed Dylan – “That’s Brenda’s man you backstabbing bitch!”  We agreed that Andrea Zuckerman was by far the most uncool person at West Beverly High and in real life the actor that played her had to be old… 30.  We drooled over Brandon (my favorite), Dylan and Steve (her favorite).  Man we loved that show.  I was the perfect age to be one of the legions of young people who are the direct reason why 90210 became the huge hit it was.

I understand it probably was not as good of a program as my nostalgia makes me think it was.  I’m sure the plots were hollow, the drama so predictable and the actors sub-par.  However, to a 13 year old girl like me, it was the best show on television.

You would think with the fond memories I have of 90210 I would have a better reaction to the “New Beverly Hills 90210″ series that debuted it’s 2 hour premier episode on Tuesday.  They are dropping the “Beverly Hills” part and just calling the series 90210.  I’ve read some reviews of it that were far from flattering but as someone how did not see it, I cannot honestly comment on the quality of the actors, the writers, or the story lines.  But I’ve read reviews about how the characters are exactly like the “retro” cast.  Even down to the new kids (brother and sister) who move into town and are the “good” kids who were not raised around the glamor and lifestyle that is Beverly Hills.  Nat is still minding the bar at The Peach Pit.  Kelly (Jenny Garth) and Brenda (Shannon Daughtery) are said to make appearances on a semi-regular basis.  Even the intro music is eerily similar.

See for yourself:  [youtube=]

Just the first several riffs on that guitar and I am magically transformed into a self-conscious teenager wondering what “masterVation” is and living off of cheese.  This isn’t a good thing!

And then to top all this off, the very same day I learn of the resurrection of 90210, I turn on Good Morning America and who is on the stage performing?  Joe, John, Danny, Jordan and Donnie.  New kids on the Freaking Block?  Or should I say “Old Dudes who have been around the block, made a lot of money and should fade off into the sunset?”  I just stood in the middle of the living room staring in disbelief and uttering under my breath, “What the fuuuuuudge?” (my new kids who repeat everything were in the room).  Seems they are returning to the recording studio and touring together as a group for the first time in 15 years.  Last I saw of John Knight he was on Maury Povich talking about his debilitating social phobia and stage fright.  After his huge stardom with NKOTB he became a recluse who stayed in his home afraid of people staring at him.  He was a ball of nerves and sweat on the stage that day.  Jordan was on this particular show as well saying he too had suffered from this phobia but not in as serious of a form as his brother, John.  They have obviously learned to deal with it and moved on.  Good for them.  Bad for us.  Donnie Walburg is now a very respected actor but he’s heading up this venture as the writer and producer of their new album.  It’s all very surreal.  I loved them.  I wanted to marry them.  They were IT.  My brothers would tell me about how in 5 years they would be gone and I would feel silly for ever having listened to their songs, plastering my bedroom walls with their faces, and wearing their junk on my person.  Boy, I hated it when I realized they were right.

I just don’t know what to make of all of this.  What’s next?  Marky Mark pulling down the ol’ britches and reuniting with the Funky Bunch?  I refuse to tight roll my pants ever again.  I’m just saying….


Hello, my name is Me

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I have been at my Mother and Father’s house for about a week along with Mr. Tolerable and the kiddos.  It was sort of like an extended vacation since the hubby is sans employment at the moment.  We have never really had the opportunity to join in on the weekly Friday night bon fire parties that spontaneously ignite when the fire does.  It would drive Jim crazy to hear about all the fun that was had in his absence since he was the sucka who had to get up and go to work every stinking Saturday and Sunday.  Well, he now is even more pissed about it because we had so much fun these past few weekends.  I laughed so hard one night I think I counted 3 times I had to use my inhaler (the measure by which I decide how good of a time I had).  My brother cooked a brisket and we ate Aces High Corn on the cob.   Then we all stood around as my brother cooked up his second try at home-brewed beer.  It’s so neat to see everything that goes into it – the levels have to be just right.  Add the hops “NOW”. Check the temp often then make sure you get the temperature down FAST so it doesn’t get an infection.  I learned so much just standing there and the men just seemed mesmerized by the whole process.  I lost interest and found my way to where the women were collected but once someone brought up menopause I found myself back at the beer garden with the men.

One of the things I worried about when I was pregnant with my children was that I would cease to be and I would totally and wholly become a Mother – forgetting all the things I previously enjoyed.  Turning into those cliche over sized SUV-with-the-little-stick-family-on-the-back-window-driving Mommies.  It seems that I have successfully done both!  I have little problem leaving my kids with my Mother for several days while I go and get my redneck groove on camping at a Nascar event.  I love the feeling of getting my kiddos fed, bathed and safely tucked in bed.  Then turn the monitor on to go out back and sit around a fire-drinking, laughing and cutting up until as late as midnight (aren’t you impressed?) LOL.  But, on a regular Monday morning if you were behind me on the road as I make my trek to my normal playdate you would see this picture on the back glass of my Excursion.  So, any of you preggos out there reading this, or those unfortunate women out there who have let themselves be engulfed by the wonderful envelope known as children, I am proof that it can be done.  You can still be a sexy woman with a good social life, great sex life, AND a fantastic mother.  Don’t buy into the lie that in order to be a good Mom you have you stop all things about you.  You are still your husband’s woman and lover.  Your bed should be the location for risque acts of love not only a social landing point for everyone in the house.  You are still your friend’s choice for a dinner, coffee, or a good laugh.  You are still you.  And thank God, I am still me.


What a stupid talent.

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I guess I am what you would call and auditory learner.  I love audio books and podcasts.  Most days while my kids are napping you will find me busy at housework with ear buds tucked nicely in my ears.   Oddly enough, I have noticeably small ears.  My grandma used to tell the story about when I was born my ears were like my Dad’s; no bigger than a fingernail.  That does not seem to affect their ability to distinguish voices at such accuracy that it is actually something I am known for in my family.

While watching ANY animated TV show I can tell you, with stunning accuracy, who is performing the characters’ voices (if the actor or person is well known).  Sometimes it get really creepy when the person is NOT well known but does multiple characters on several different and separate shows and I recognize it.  I will say something like, “The guy who does the voice for Ed the Frog on this Musical Baby DVD is the same guy who plays the giant in Jack’s Big Music Show.”  A search on Google will confirm my golden ears have struck again with eerie accuracy.

Why on Earth, if I have to a talent, does it have to be so useless?  I always dreamed of being a singer.  Adored by fans.  Showered with fame and fortune.  Instead I sit on my couch and recognize that the guy who plays Fez from That 70’s Show does the voice for Handy Manny!!  No one cheers.  No one pays me.

How stupid and useless.

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