My kids FIT! Halloween Homeschool Party


Today was one of those days I never saw coming.  It was a day, however, that helped me tremendously.  The kids and I went to a Halloween party hosted by a local homeschooling family in conjunction with a homeschool co-op of which the kids and I have become a part.  On the drive home, I felt as if I received a divine intervention, if you will.  An “ah-ha” while driving and listening to my kids talking about the pet turkeys that they played with at the party (side note – my kids loved these turkeys and begged no less than 10 times before bed that we get some).
This was the first “school related activity” (before this all I had had experience with was public school activities) where my kids FIT! And I mean, truly fit.  Not once did I feel my face flush because Jackson was being…well….Jackson.  Once, as a reflex, I started to grab Jackson’s arm when he zoomed past me on a razor scooter inside the house/shelter area and then noticed the homeowner’s son and another child on their own scooters and everyone was fine and no one was upset about it.  The kids were being kids.  They weren’t being destructive or disruptive so no one batted an eye.  Alex was off in la-la land talking to the rooster and catching willy worms and had another girl along side of her doing the same thing.  I could tell she was immensely happy and content.  Jackson was equally happy and I could see he was loving playing with the boys pretending to be spies, knights or some other such daring people.

halloween party
I stood there watching the scene around me.  Kids were EVERYWHERE.  Inside, outside, in trees, in the woods, on the trampoline, on the jungle gym, roasting marshmellows, in groups of two’s or threes.  All of them in Halloween costumes (even scary ones like Jackson – Jason Vorhees) and the parents were calm, aware at all times where their kids were, and and laughing.  This is what real kids and real Moms look like.  There were some organized games but for the most part the kids chose what they wanted to do.  A pumpkin painting station.  A tub of water outside full of apples for bobbing.  A picnic table by the fire full of all the fixings for “gourmet” s’mores.  A kettle over the fire with water for making hot chocolate (parents helped).  It was the first time I sat down at a school function without fear my kids (OK – Jackson) was doing something outside the box and getting in trouble or making some other parent or teacher mad.
I want to reiterate – this was not a case of kids allowed to just run amok with no rules or discipline.  This was simply a group of kids allowed to be who they were.  I feel I’m not able to properly put in words what I mean but if you’ve ever gone to a public school party and felt it was one planned activity after another where the kids stood in a constant line to wait for the next activity to be spoon fed to them and had your child grow bored of this, lose their mind, and just want OUT of the line then maybe you’ll know what I mean.

The “ah ha” was that my kids would never have fit in to public school.  Could they have made it through, gotten good enough grades and graduated?  Of course. But to really fit somewhere there is an awareness of self, of finding acceptance.  Could they have done that?  Possibly.  If they were lucky. Alex, being the sensitive person she is, would probably found herself crying a lot for feeling left out, not listened to, and misunderstood.  Although she is much like me, a social butterfly, she is much more shy and self-conscious than I ever was at her age.  Already in kindergarten she was asking me to not tell her teacher she knew how to read.  Dumbing herself down had already began because she wanted desperately to fit in.    Jackson would have become a pissed off teenager who thought school was stupid and rebelled at some point (I still see rebellion in his future but hopefully at a healthier more manageable level – GOD WILLING)  But now….now that they are able to be who they are and not only that accepted and liked for who they are…who knows how much fuller their childhood and therefore their adulthood will be.

Thank you God for giving me the courage and patience to do this.  For allowing me to live in a country and state in which this is legal and allowed.  For putting me with this group of great people who accept me and my children for who we are.  We are blessed.  I am motivated now to keep on keeping on.



  1. misty  •  Oct 30, 2013 @11:11 pm

    I am motivated, too! Thank you for sharing your HS adventures with, well, all of us!

  2. Mom  •  Nov 1, 2013 @10:55 am

    I am so proud of you for what you are doing. You are putting your children’s needs in front of you own. O would be a lot easier for you to just send them to public school and have you day’s free to do whatever YOU want to, but, you chose to give your kids the best of both worlds; Being in a school where they can be themselves and learn from the one who loves them most in this world. Spending time with your kids is the best thing in this world you can do for them. Your time and attention is so important. Keep up the good work. Your kids may not realize it today but in time they will know they have been so blessed to have a parents like you and Jim. Love you all.

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