6 weeks in


For those of you wondering how I’m holding up homeschooling (especially those of you I’ve talked to because you are thinking about it) I won’t lie to you and tell you it’s easy and just the most wonderful experience ALL the time.  Nothing that’s worth doing is easy right? I’ve had days when I have wanted to throw in the towel.  And I’ve threatened to send them back to public a couple of times (OK – every day) but after 6 weeks I can tell you the positives outweigh the negatives.  Alex, my “first grader” is doing algebra like a pro.  They are doing science experiments and having “ah ha” moments on a regular basis.  Jackson is exploring his LOVE for history and technology.  I have watched them flourish with friends.  The co-op’s we are part of fill in any gaps in socialization I was worried about.  Do I miss my alone time sometimes?  Um, it’s Nut Fest Week – you take a wild guess – I would have love to have gone down there and had a deep friend something-something without having to worry about wrangling the kids or listening to them cry when they wanted to ride ride.  I also had a doctor’s appointment this week and had to take the kids.  The kids knowing my exact weight IS.NOT.COOL.

But, all that aside, I love it.  I know this is a season.  I think about when I had a newborn and a very active 1 yr old boy and I seriously felt that my life was over.  I felt as if I would never NOT be getting up 3-4 times a night to either nurse my newborn or settle my toddler back in bed.  I would never NOT be chasing one while the other was screaming.  I would never NOT be in a grocery story and have to leave a cart FULL of groceries because he or she was throwing a fit.  But, on the other side of that “season” I have learned so much.  Time goes by so quickly.  This time, this age of their lives, will not last long.  I feel I can give them an edge in life by homeschooling them and not having them go through the hoops/hassle of going through public school (especially in the state that it’s in now).  If I have to sacrifice a bit of my “me” time to allow that, so be it.  I have my social life.  I have my free time at other times.  And in only about 10-12 years they will be gone, off to college and starting their lives.  I will have a whole other “season” of my life to do exactly what I want when I want choose.   It is this idea that gives me peace.

So yea, this homeschooling thing is worth it.  Period.

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  • Why I Write this Stuff

    My children called me Bobby when they were toddlers due to not being able to prounounce "Mommy." They are now 7 and 8 years old and I am Mommy. But my real name is Mandy. I just do this so I can keep in touch with the REAL me. Being a Bobby is a dream I thought I may never realize and I do not take it for granted. I homeschool (more specifically unschool) my two children and it's easy to lose yourself in the tasts of the day. I just want to make sure that after 19 or so years have passed,and my kids have moved out, I'm not stuck looking in the mirror and squinting in hopes of seeing Mandy again.