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Just to get me and the kids in the “mind” of how homeschooling will go we did a “practice homeschool” day. We did a few work sheets. About 20 mins worth. Then I had them each pick a famous person they admire. Alex picked Michael Jackson. Jackson picked James Gandolfini……yes, Tony Soprano himself.  (Side note: Did you know he was robbed of his Rolex shortly after his death?)

They had to print a picture of them, create their own version of printed picture using markers and crayons, then research and find 10 interesting facts about that person using 2 different source methods and no more then 3 facts from Wikipedia. Jackson ran into the bathroom and pulled out an “Entertainment Weekly” and flipped right to an article about him. Alex said she didn’t have anything other then internet sources BUT “I did see him in a movie. “The Wiz.” He was the scarecrow.” I told her that is a source!  Alex learned how to use the internet in this exercise because I had each kiddo on their own computer.  Usually Jackson is at the “helm” and she tells him where to go, so he can navigate the web as well as I can.  But, this FORCED her to take control of the mouse and do it herself.

They have been very receptive to this and I’m starting to think I might be able to do this. While they were researching, I told them to keep their facts secret because once they are done we are going to do a book report “in front of the class.” I decided this when every time they would find a fact they would shout it out. LOL. So, for 30 mins they were on their own computers researching while I was able to get dishes going, a load of towels washing, and their room and living room picked up felling like a freaking BOSS!

Once they started getting antsy I told them it was recess and set a timer for 15 mins and said to go play. They are in their room playing on their “car town” rug and will for 15 mins.  Then they will get back to their research.

All told they kids did around 2 hours of actual “school” with three breaks when I saw their attention waning.  Not bad!
I understand this is all new and exciting and every day won’t be like today but at least my first impression isn’t terrible.  That gives me hope that maybe this can work.


Alex’s Micheal Jackson research paper. She numbered her facts.
Notice the little “ABC” below “123” followed by a little smiley face?
She thinks she’s cute……and she preety much IS!

So, in conclusion, today was a great day.  Off to try again on Monday!

*update: Jackson had a meltdown and said that 10 facts was too much.  After having a conversation with him, I agreed that for our first research paper that 5 is enough.  This is a BIG deal for me because I am one of those people who holds on to an idea to a fault.  But I was able to choose my battle on this one and allow the kids to do only 5 facts and they did so and loved it.  I’m more proud of myself on this then the kids.  They are totally ready to BE homeschooled.  It’s myself who I worry about actually TEACHING.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. tara san-van  •  Aug 9, 2013 @11:14 pm

    neat idea! see you did waaaay more research than i did on homeschooling and way more inventive! i may implement this homeschool tryout day :) i worry about the actually being able to teach too :( i’m scared that i’m gonna screw up what they’ve learned already and not teach them what they need to know. you’re doing a great job lady! keep it up!!!!

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